Pre-Booking Questions

How many adults can stay in one room?
Most hotels allow additional guests to stay in a room for an extra charge as long as the room doesn’t exceed the maximum number of guests allowed per room. If you book a room that cannot accommodate your group, the hotel may cancel your reservation or require that you book additional rooms. If you have doubts, check directly with your hotel for their extra–guest charges and the maximum number of people allowed in the room you’ve booked.

Incase of children traveling with us – What are the charges?
When making your booking, select the number of children traveling with you from the ‘Children’ drop–down box. If you select just 1 child, our search will give you the price of a double room with child, not including an extra bed. If you want an extra bed in the room, you need to increase the number of passengers in your search.

Do I have a choice for a specific type of hotel room (non–smoking, wheelchair friendly, etc.)?
Contact you account executive/ our Customer Support Team with your request and we’ll do our best to get you what you ask for. However, your request is ultimately subject to availability when you arrive at the hotel

Do you charge my credit card when I book my reservation?
This varies with the type of rate and hotel you select. Normally, your credit card will be charged immediately for all reservations made through our website or over the phone. This guarantees your reservation as well as the rate.


Post-Booking Questions

How do I know if my booking was successful?
We’ll send you an email confirmation for your hotel booking.

Do I need to confirm my booking?
No, you don’t. If you really want to, though, contact us at reservations@worlddestination.com to confirm your reservation. You can also contact the hotel directly if you prefer.

What if I don’t get a confirmation at the time of booking?
If a confirmation page doesn’t display once you complete your booking, check your email for a confirmation. If you don’t get an email confirmation within ten minutes, let us know at reservations@worlddestination.com and we’ll send you your confirmation details What do I do if I didn’t get an email confirmation?
If you don’t receive an email after making a reservation, it could be that we have the wrong email address on file or your Internet Service Provider blocked the email thinking it was spam (junk mail? from us? perish the thought). Check your spam folder, just in case, and add our email address reservations@worlddestination.com to your address book so that it doesn’t get filtered out next time. In the meantime, contact us at reservations@worlddestination.com so we can send you an email confirmation.

Be sure to include the following information:
  • Guest name
  • The hotel name and location (city)
  • The check–in/check–out dates

How long will it take for the hotel to get my booking information?
The time it takes for a hotel to get your booking information varies by specific hotel and arrival date. In most cases the hotel should receive the reservation information within 12 hours of the time you made your booking (except for nights and weekends when the hotel’s reservation department is closed). Please note that this doesn’t apply to bookings made for the same day. Got questions or concerns? Call (7 am to 10 pm - Indian time) • 1800 102 4344 (local call from any phone) If you have questions There are certain reservations that are booked out of an allotment. These rooms are guaranteed and must be paid for when you check out of the hotel. In some cases the hotel won’t have your name on the reservation until approximately 24 hours before you arrive.

Check in & check–in time?
Check with your specific hotel for its exact check–in time. Typically, the hotel check–in time is after 2:00 pm (local hotel time).

Will the hotel hold my room incase of late arrival?
Since your reservation is guaranteed with a credit card, the hotel is obliged to hold your room until 7 am, the day after your planned arrival date.

What if I’m going to arrive early?
If you know you’re going to arrive early at your hotel, contact our Customer Support Team. We’ll do our best to accommodate your request, but it’s ultimately rooms are subject to availability when you arrive at the hotel.

How do I get a receipt or invoice for my hotel booking?
Log in to your WorldDestination.com Account if you aren’t already signed in. Hit the 'Sign in' link on the top right corner of the page & follow the process


Cancellations, Refunds & Amendment

How do I cancel my hotel booking?
Cancelling a hotel booking you made on WorldDestination.com is super easy. Here’s how: 1. Log in to your WorldDestination.com Account if you aren’t already signed in. Hit the 'Sign in' link on the top right corner of the page & follow the process

What are the cancellation charges?
The cancellation charges depend on the hotel, time of stay (‘season’ time, ‘off–season’ time), and time of cancellation. To know what’s applicable in your case, check the hotel’s booking policy mentioned on the booking page while making the reservation. Apart from the cancellation charges levied by the hotel, WorldDestination.com charges a fee of Rs. 300 for every hotel cancellation

If I need to cancel my hotel booking, what’s the latest I can do this by?
Different hotels have different cancellation policy. Please go through the hotel’s booking policy mentioned on the booking page while making the reservation (in case you missed it, you can always sign in to your WorldDestination.com account and check it out on your Trips pages). However, please keep in mind that irrespective of what the hotel’s booking policy says, you cannot cancel your booking on the day of arrival.

How will I get my money back after cancelling a hotel booking?
The amount refundable will be credited back to the same account you used while making the booking. For example, if you used your debit card, we will credit the money back to the debit card, if you used your credit card, we will make an appropriate charge reversal

How long does it take to process this refund?
Refund is usually processed within 4 working days from the cancellation request. However, it may take slightly longer to reflect in your account statement as this depends upon your bank. It is noticed that it takes about 14 working days for most refunds to reflect in your accounts.

How do I check the status of my refund once I have cancelled my booking?
Log in to your WorldDestination.com Account if you aren’t already signed in. 'Sign in' from the top right corner of the page & follow the steps.

It’s been two weeks since I cancelled my booking but I still haven’t received my refund. Help!
We’re extremely sorry for the delay. Please fill on to our Complaints form and someone will definitely get back to you within next 24 hours

How do I modify a hotel booking?
WorldDestination.com is the only site you have an option to modify your reservation. You can do the same from our home page at the reservation box. However please note that all amendments are subject to charges as per the hotels amendment policy. Apart from the charges levied by the hotel, WorldDestination.com charges a fee of Rs. 300 for every amended reservation