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Learn About World Destination Holiday Program

Explore the world with the leader in luxury holidays

For more than 15 years, parent company VCI Hospitality Limited has remained the leader in the vacation ownership industry, delivering unforgettable vacations to its members around the world.

Today, keeping in mind the requirements of discerning travelers that tradition continues with our newest innovation, World Destination Holiday Program—an easy-to-use, points-based approach to quality holidays that offers you the flexibility, convenience and affordability to take luxury holidays year after year.

Maximum Holiday Flexibility in the Industry

  • Holiday where you want, when you want and for as long as you want
  • Visit one or all of the hotels and resorts accommodations for families and friends
  • Enjoy access to thousands of hotels and resorts across India and the world
  • Experience exotic beaches, majestic mountains and heritage destination in India and International

Simple and Convenient Planning

  • Receive an annual allotment of Holiday Points to book thousands of holiday options.
  • Experience the ease of online booking, plus the assistance of a dedicated Holiday Planning Advisor for all your holiday needs.
  • Bank and add more holiday Points for longer holidays or to expand your holiday options.

Affordable Family Vacations

  • Own your holidays—don’t just take them.
  • Secure inflation free holidays with a one-time purchase.
  • Avoid rising hotel room or rental apartment costs.

Have questions? Speak with a representative about the flexibility of holiday planning, the convenience of Holiday Program Points and the affordability of holidays for you and your family.

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Where Can I Go?

The most flexible holiday program gives you access to more destinations.

World Destination Holiday Program offers an unprecedented and ever-expanding breadth of hotels, holiday resorts, destinations and experiences for you and your family to enjoy for a lifetime. Travel to an exotic location with family and friends or enjoy a romantic weekend getaway—the choice is always yours.

When you become a Holiday Program Owner, you’ll have access to all hotels and resorts, representing thousands of destinations worldwide. Whether you travel to new locations or visit your favorite resort year after year, you’ll enjoy a variety of holiday experiences to fit your family’s needs.

Speak with a representative to learn more about the worldwide destinations available through the flexibility of World Destination Holiday Program.

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How Holiday Program Points Work

Discover the easy, flexible way to enjoy more vacation options.

As the leading provider of holiday experiences, World Destination Holiday Program offers more flexibility and choices. With access to the most desirable locations around the globe, World Destination Holiday Program provides unforgettable experiences for virtually any holiday you can imagine—and it all starts with Holiday Program Points.

Holiday Program Points

When you become a World Destination Holiday Program Owner, you purchase points and own your holidays. This innovative, points-based approach to holiday ownership is the most convenient way of holidaying.

Purchase Holiday Program Points

  • Purchase the number of Holiday Program Points based on your family's holiday plans.
  • There is a One Time Purchase starting with Rs.45000/- and above.
  • Receive an annual allotment of Holiday Program Points to use however you choose.

Plan Your Holidays

  • Holiday Program Points are flexible currency that you can use for stays at any of the destinations worldwide as well as once in a lifetime holiday experience.
  • Choose when and how long you holiday, size of accommodations and choice of room view.
  • A personal Holiday Planning Advisor and easy-to-use online tool are available to help you plan and book all your vacations.
  • Flexibility to use Holiday Program Points from past, or purchase additional points to grow your holiday options. Go on Holiday
  • Stay at one or all of the thousands of hotels and resorts.
  • Experience unique travel adventures, from pristine beaches to the majestic mountains—even heritage destinations

Speak with a representative to determine the number of Holiday Program Points that's right for your family's holiday needs.

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Pricing and Holiday Examples

Purchase the right number of Holiday Program Points for your holiday lifestyle.

Enjoying a lifetime of unforgettable holidays begins with one simple decision—choosing the right number of Holiday Program Points for your family’s holiday lifestyle. Whether you desire exotic adventures in faraway lands or prefer to holiday closer to home with family and friends, you’ll find options for every holiday budget.

Pricing and Holiday Examples

When you become a World Destination Holidays Program Owner, you purchase a fixed Holiday Program Points for use every year. Ownership starts with as few as 45000 Holiday Program Points. Points may be upgraded in categories with World Destination Holiday Program with larger pricing discounts and enhanced incentives for larger purchases.

Call 1800 102 4344 or complete an online form for details about special offers available only online. A representative can help determine your holiday needs and provide a customized plan for how you can afford your dream holidays. Be sure to ask about the exclusive usage benefits available at Platinum (60000 points) and Platinum Plus (100,000 points) ownership levels.

How Many Holiday Program Points are Right for You?

Determine the number of Holiday program Points you need based on the following:

  • Destination—choose from thousands hotels worldwide
  • Type of Accommodations—3* - 5 * hotels and resorts

Speak with a representative to determine the number of Holiday Program Points that best fits your budget and holiday needs.

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How to Become an Owner

Make the right choice today and enjoy a world of holidays tomorrow.

For more than 15 years, parent company VCI Hospitality Ltd. has helped over thousands of families around the globe make their dream holidays a reality. is part of the group that has stood for quality, service and an uncompromising commitment to excellence since 1999.

Getting Started

You're invited to request more information or call 1800-102-4344 to speak with a representative today. They can answer all your questions and help you decide if Holiday program is the right choice for your family’s holiday needs.

Understanding Your Options

A representative can help you determine the number of Holiday Program Points you need based on your holiday lifestyle—for today and tomorrow.

Making the Right Choice

Once all of your questions are answered, you can choose to become an Owner and start planning your next dream holiday.

Special Offers

Ready to become an Owner of World Destination Holiday Program? Please request information online or call 1800 102 4344 to learn more about these special offers.

Speak with a representative for answers to all your questions, including how you can become an Owner and start planning your next holiday.



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